Full Form Of CCTV and Types Of CCTV Cameras.

What is the full form of CCTV / CCTV Full Form In English / CCTV Ka Full Form?

Full Form Of CCTV and Types Of CCTV Cameras, cctv full form, full form of camera

The full form of CCTV Camera is  Closed-Circuit Television Camera. It is also known as "Surveillance Camera" or "Video Surveillance Camera".

What is the Use of CCTV Camera?

The CCTV cameras are used to transmit a video signal to a specific or set of devices.

These cameras are mainly used for security purposes. Such as in banks, shops, grocery store, jewellery store, offices and other places where securities is needed, to reduce thefts.

History of CCTV Camera

Who Discovered CCTV Cameras?

Leon Theremin, Leon Theremin images, who is leon Theremin

The CCTV camera was firstly discovered by Russian Physicist  " Leon Theremin " in June 1927.
Facts about CCTV Camera.

- A survey stats that there are more than 600+million CCTV cameras installed Worldwide till 2019.

- 60% of these CCTV cameras are installed in Asia.

Types Of CCTV Cameras / Different Types Of CCTV Cameras ?

There are different types of CCTV cameras for security but the most used ones are -

Dome Camera - 

Dome cameras, what are dome cameras, dome cameras images, best dome cameras

Dome cameras are mostly used security camera and it is commonly used in indoor areas.

Bullet Camera - 

Bullet cameras, what are bullet cameras, bullet cameras images, best bullet cameras
These are in cylindrical in shape and are mostly used in outdoors, as it has a cover at it's top to protect it from rainy weather.

C-mount Camera - 

C mount cameras, what are c mount cameras, c mount cameras images, best c mount cameras
These security cameras are detachable and it's lenses can be changed easily, and can shoots distance upto 40 feets.

Day/Night Camera - 

Day night cameras, what are day night cameras, day night cameras images, best day night cameras
As the name says these camera can shoots and record photos and video in both Day & Night situations, which is more powerful than other as it captures in dark situations.

PTZ Camera - 

Pan tilt zoom camera, Ptz cameras, what are ptz cameras, ptz cameras images, best ptz cameras, ptz,

Full form of PTZ camera is Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera.
These cameras can move up and down, right and left and even it can zoom.

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These cameras are used in such places where continuous security & surveillance is required.

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