YouTube Thumbnail Downloader - How to download Youtube Thumbnail For free.

So, guys if you are looking for an android app or Youtube Thumbnail Downloader app then i will suggest you the best app for an android user by which he/she can download any YouTube Thumbnail for free in their phone in just few clicks.

Firstly, The android app which I'm going to suggest you it's name is "Thumbnail Downloader Free" it is available on Google Play Store also.

So let me tell you how to use this Thumbnail Downloader Free android app/tool.

Steps :-

1. First copy the URL of the youtube video whose thumbnail you want to download.

2. Just open the Thumbnail Downloader Free app on your phone, and paste the copied URL in the text box "Enter Video URL"

3. Then click on Get Thumbnail button, after few seconds you will see a preview of the Thumbnail which you want to download.

4. And the best part, In left side you will see a option where you can choose the quality of Thumbnail you want to be downloaded from 1080p to 320p, just select the quality in which you want to download the Thumbnail.

5. After that just click the green Download button just near the quality selection option. And boom your thumbnail will be downloaded and will be saved in your phone's gallery/photos app.

The benefits of this YouTube Thumbnail Downloader App is:

- It is safe and secure, as many websites sends viruses and might get your personal information.

- This app doesn't redirects you to any other promotional page.

- You can choose the quality of Thumbnail you want to download.

- It is lifetime free to use.

- And, the size is less than 8.5 MB.

So, if you found this article helpful than do share with your youtuber friends, it might help them and you can download the Thumbnail Downloader Free app from below link.