POK Full Form - What is full form of POK, Meaning, History and Map

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POK Full Form - What is full form of POK?, Meaning, History and Map 

In this article I will share POK full form. So, the Full form of POK is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. I will also share POK history, POK meaning/story and POK map in this article with some FAQs related to POK.

What is the story of POK? / What is POK? / POK Meaning?

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, the name used by India for the portion of Kashmir under Pakistani administration. At the time of the Partition of India in 1947, the British deserted their suzerainty over the princely states, which were left with the choices of joining India or Pakistan or staying autonomous. Hari Singh, the maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, needed his state to stay free.

History Of POK / POK History?

In Spring 1947, an uprising against the Maharaja broke out in Poonch, an area bordering the Rawalpindi division of West Punjab. Maharaja's administration is said to have started levying punitive taxes on the peasantry which provoked a local revolt and the administration resorted to brutal suppression. The area's population, swelled by recently demobilised soldiers following World War II, rebelled against the Maharaja's forces and gained control of almost the entire district. Following this victory, the pro-Pakistan chieftains of the western districts of Muzaffarabad, Poonch and Mirpur proclaimed a provisional Azad Jammu and Kashmir government in Rawalpindi on October 3, 1947.

Ghulam Nabi Gilkar, under the assumed name "Mr. Anwar," issued a proclamation in the name of the provisional government in Muzaffarabad. However, this government quickly fizzled out with the arrest of Anwar in Srinagar. On October 24, a second provisional government of Azad Kashmir was established at Palandri under the leadership of Sardar Ibrahim Khan.

POK Map - Map Of POK 

Here is the map of POK, You can see that dark green part of POK map.

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