BTS Full Form - Full Form Of BTS Band, BTS Members, BTS Zodiac, BTS Age, BTS Birthday

BTS Full Form - Full Form Of BTS Band, BTS Members, BTS Zodiac, BTS Age, BTS Birthday, BTS Fandom, BTS Debut.

First, let's see the full form of the BTS Korean Band.

Full form of BTS - Bangtan Sonyeondan

Which means "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" in English

If you are new to know about BTS then this is the perfect place for you and even if you are not new you might not know some of the things about BTS. Here you will find some of the basic important information about BTS about debut, member's birth date & Zodiac Signs, rappers, vocalists, etc. Also, you will find about BTS Fandom.

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BTS is a South Korean boy band. It is also known as Bangtan Boys. They debuted under Big Hit Entertainment (Hybe). They are all not just good at Singing and Rapping but they are also good at dancing too. 

There are seven members in the band. They all have stage names and real/birth names

RM - Kim Namjoon

Jin - Kim Seokjin,

Suga - Min Yoongi, 

J-Hope -Jung Hoseok,

Jimin - Park Jimin,

V - Kim Taehyung, 

Jungkook(JK) -Jeon Jungkook

BTS Debut Date 

BTS officially debuted on 13th June 2013.

Many people think that they debuted on 12th June 2013 that is because of different time zones.

KST - 13th June 2013

ET - 12th June 2013

Leader of BTS 

RM( Kim Namjoon) 

The Oldest Member of BTS is Jin (Kim Seokjin) on December 4th, 1992. The current age of Jin is 29years (in 2021, Sept)

Youngest member of BTS is Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) September 1st, 1997. The current age of Jungkook is 24 years (in 2021, Sept)

Birth Dates of BTS members

RM - September 12, 1994

Jin - December 4, 1992

Suga - March 9, 1993

J-Hope - February 18, 1994

Jimin - October 13, 1995

V - December 30, 1995

Jungkook - September 1, 1997

Roles of BTS members

Rappers in BTS 

RM, Suga, J-Hope

Vocalists in BTS

Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook

Zodiac signs of BTS members

RM - Virgo ( September)

Jin - Sagittarius (December)

Suga - Pisces (March)

J-Hope - Aquarius (February)

Jimin - Libra (October)

V - Capricorn (December)

Jungkook - Virgo (September)

BTS Fandom Name

BTS's fandom is called ARMY. Which was formed on 9th July 2013. 

The word ARMY is an acronym for “Adorable Representative M.C. For Youth” but there are also other meanings. 

ARMY is also related to the English meaning of 'Bangtan Sonyeondan' that is "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" as 'Army' also refers to the military, body armor, which is a metaphor for how the fans will always be with BTS

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